Our Story

cookie gluten free non gmo organic trust food TRUST FOODSMany of us have life-changing epiphanies which can cause dramatic changes in how we perceive our role in this world.  I consider myself lucky, one of mine was so extreme it changed my life forever.

I was a resident in plastic surgery at Cornell University and slowly began to feel unwell after long hours, little to no sleep and a poorer than poor diet quickly caught up to me.  At first it was daily headaches, then daily stomach pains and finally a thyroid problem for which I needed permanent medication.  Soon the healthy “20 something year old” was no longer healthy.  Pills piled up in my medicine cabinet but sadly I was no better.  Then there was the day I woke up in the ICU.  One medication had reacted with another medication and I was almost dead.

As I struggled to make sense of what had happened I was forced to look beyond the present day system of medicine and come back to my roots.  I was raised believing that food is the best medicine.  I remember my immigrant grandparents saying at our dinner table spend money on your food so you don’t have to spend it on the doctor. 

I committed my focus towards a new path towards wellness, avidly researching how to restore the body to balance “naturally” and discovered that it all begins with WHAT WE EAT.  I had seen the best of critical care medicine and now I had learned a new appreciation for achieving health through nutritious food, active lifestyle and loving oneself.

Every day  in my integrative practice I treat people people suffering from the most disabling of conditions:  early onset Parkinson’s, MS, Autism, severe autoimmune disease, Alzheimer’s, Chronic allergies, Chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia and more.  My patients and I work together to understand the active choices they are making to ensure their bodies function optimally and this collaboration BEGINS WITH FOOD CHOICES.  If the gas in the car isn’t high octane, it isn’t going to go very far.  Diet is where I start my review of each patient’s overall health.

What We Eat

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”   – Hippocrates.

Working with Dr. Gedroic

What makes TRUST?

Our Mission

TRUST Foods strives to create food that delivers the highest quality taste, texture and nutrition to families, busy commuters and health enthusiasts looking to perform at their peak level.  We believe that good nutrition is the foundation of good health and we use some of nature’s most nutritious, non-GMO and grain-free ingredients in our products.  Guided by feedback from the many families looking for a tasty snack for lunchboxes and sports fields, we now offer several wholesome cookie products.  With nearly 30 more recipes spanning snack bars, cereals, breads, broths and other items – we look forward to expanding TRUST’s product lines and sharing more of these delicious foods with families soon!

It is our goal to promote optimal health in bodies, minds and our communities by delivering the highest quality food, education and unconditional compassion to the people we touch.

Our Ingredients

Made only with wholesome & thoughtfully selected ingredients including Organic Almond Meal, Organic Honey, Organic Arrowroot.  Learn more about Our Ingredients here.

Our Values

cookie gluten free non gmo organic trust food
  • We produce the highest quality products using grain-free, non-gmo, HFCS-free and organic ingredients
  • We bring smiles, nourishment and peace of mind to our customers by providing real food made with wholesome ingredients and a delicious taste you can trust
  • We support environmental conscientiousness through various charities dedicated to the advancement of balance in our relationship with the earth
  • We share new discoveries, methodologies and guidance for healthier living with all ages through education of local, national and international communities
  • We promote, support and LOVE delicious foods with optimal nutrition that provide the fundamental foundation for healthier living

Giving Back

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No Kid Hungry

Our Inspiration

Motivated by my own health history and my education and experience in integrative medicine, the inspiration for TRUST came from one of the greatest blessings of all:  our first son was born in August of 2007!  As our “healthy nugget” grew out of the breastfeeding stage, my husband and I were disheartened to find that many foods, even those described as “healthy” really weren’t nutritious at all.  At camps, schools, airports, restaurants and elsewhere- where can families find truly nutritious food?  How can I be sure that my family is getting the essential vitamins and minerals they need to build strong bodies and brains?  Why can’t nutritious food taste phenomenal?

As I searched to find healthy options for my children (my husband and I now have 3 sons!), the repetitive incidence of malnourishment in my severely ill patients provided further motivation to create nutritious food options.  I saw too many younger patients fall ill in part due to the insufficiency of nutrition in their diets   Kids and adults today consume foods that are detrimental to health or are devoid of meaningful nutrition.  Busy lifestyles, convenience and taste preferences all play roles in these choices but ultimately the unfortunate result is weaker bodies and minds.

So, I decided we must try to create food that families could trust for wholesomeness, nutrition and with ingredients sourced as close to nature as possible.  Hippocrates said it best nearly 2,400 years ago “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.  Over the past few years, I have worked with TRUST’s Stephanie Troisi and others to develop recipes incorporating some of nature’s most nourishing, non-GMO, gluten-free and grain-free ingredients.

Our Taste

We also believe that the significance of taste cannot be overstated with healthy food.  Only tasty food will be eaten repeatedly and TRUST is extremely focused on only creating delicious food that children and adults will want to enjoy again and again.  Our 3 very active (and perpetually hungry!) sons act as our first focus group for approving taste in our foods – and they give it six thumbs up!